EcoMindwell Group participate in clean up of FST, Chiromo Campus

A collective of University of Nairobi students using innovation to solve matters mental health and environmental sustainability under an umbrella EcoMindwell Group.

Welcome to EcoMindwell , where their mission transcends boundaries to foster a harmonious blend of mental well being and environmental consciousness. As torchbearers for mental health awareness and champions for sustainability, they embark on a journey to create a world where individuals thrive emotionally, while nurturing a planet that sustains us all. Join them in their commitment to healthier mind and a greener tomorrow.

At EcoMindWell , they envision a world where mental well being and environmental sustainability coexist harmoniously, fostering a collective consciousness that nurtures both the individual mind and the global ecosystem. Their vision is rooted in the belief that a balanced and mindful existence is not only essential for personal growth but is intricately connected to the health of our planet.

At EcoMindWell , their mission is to pioneer a transformative journey towards a balanced and sustainable world, where mental awareness and environmental well being converge. Committed to fostering resilient
minds and a thriving planet, they strive to empower individuals and communities to embrace mindful living practices that not only enhance personal well being but also contribute to the preservation of our environment.

The EcoMindwell team comprises of dynamic enthusiasts who want to make an impact in mental and environmental well being.