Environmental Conservation Activities


Tree Planting Event Using the ‘Miyawaki Method”

 students and staff of the Deparment of biology s participated in a tree-planting event at the college.

The event was significant because other participants included distinguished Japanese Professors, scientists and volunteers - and also because a new technique was used, ‘the Miyawaki method’.

The event was graced by tstaff as well as many students and staff of the University of Nairobi. Students clubs that participated actively included the Chiromo Environmental Awareness Club (CEAC) and Biological Association of Nairobi University Students (BANUS).

The Japanese team was led by Professor Kazue Fujiwara (Emeritus Professor of Yokohama National University and currently at Yokohama City University) and we were also honoured to have Professor Akira Miyawaki in the team (also Emeritus Professor of Yokohama National University), who successfully developed the technique for recreating depleted forests (Miyawaki method).